Friday, January 1, 2010

Big monster lover

"Can't you see that we're going to hell? "

What an awful head ache...
An empty house means so much more than just the physical absence of the norm, it's some sort of mental absence as well, to come home to no one at all, it's driving me out of my mind.
I baked some, ate some, threw the rest out =/
Can't wait to live with multiple friends.
Happy new year? I hope so. I can hardly think/write with this little baby monster beating on my head from the inside out.
Moon Pix over and over, and over. I start my new hours next week, i start school in two. I've waited for this break for so long but it's being wasted away completely. No places to go, no people to see. The only few are either away or busy. Being a grown up sucks sometimes. 

Tuesday, Wednesday night, thursday, rewind, pause. Repeat.
Settle in

We had a Huanukka dinner party before the show, which we originally planned on cooking ourselves and making it as jewish as possible...that is until i came across a burrito flyer with a cartoon wolf on it, and on the back it said "WE DELIVER" come on now...