Thursday, December 24, 2009

No rules christmas!

So since my family is crazy and we celebrate (but not really celebrate), more like acknowledge, (perhaps an excuse for a big dinner and present exchange, and toasts) both jewish and christian holidays, and where we are from, we don't put presents under the tree and open them on christmas morning, we give presents on new years... but since we are in America now we combine both and just exchange presents on Christmas eve, which happens to be today!

ANDDD yeah, i got the suitcase as well, and yeah those are awesome large bumble bees, it rules!
Can't wait to get a few more in the mail soon!
I, myself still have a few more to give out to my sweetest biddies, come get your presents and some lovins mamas!
Spending Christmas day in Baltimore come on morning hurry up!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Woke up by 7am to an un-get-outable driveway and to a phone call from Russia saying my great gramma died =/ 
What else ya got for me winter?! might as well shoot it at me now than later

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Last day of class was thursday!
Insanely rushed couple of days, this is the first time breathing in a while.
A good way to start my first morning of freedom:
So promised to post pictures of my finals but i am too lazy to upload the 100% final prints right now so here are the 99% pre finalized:

Note: all typography is 100% hand done.
In the finalized version the text boxes are shaped as coffee mugs and beans.

I usually really anticipate the winter and especially the snow, but this year it seems like every time i plan on driving (which i barely do at all nowadays except for to work and back), it snows, A LOT. Does the snow hate me or do i hate it? I mean come on... Please be gone by afternoon- evening time tomorrow.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Tummy demon

Stop paying me random visits, you are not welcome
Stop tricking me and making me think you are gone when you aren't,
Please, please, just leave me and my little weak tummy alone, 
I know that it is you little baby pink pill, you better cut it out.
(That's my poem i wrote dedicated to the awful tummy demon)

Got some more online shopping done while in bed tonight, time is running out and i really need to catch up with this gift list deal.

Trying to brain stop some sort of a new crazy delicious cake... so tough when i'm a cake lover and the possibilities are so endless.

The greatest:
I promised to be a better picture taker next time.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Yay promotion!

Meet your new full time accessory visual!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Absolutely pointless

Since i post mostly for myself... just incase any of my friends happen to actually read this, i'd like a pair of these cuties for christmas....;]

(I'm a size 7)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hey nonny na na na na

IT SNOWED OVER THE WEEKEND!!! There was a snow storm! And i didn't enjoy it as much as i thought i would but i did enjoy stepping on the crunchy snow that stuck to the ground.
D d d d d done & done!

Friday, December 4, 2009

I miss you today, Lilo (next to me) 
and the way you used to make me feel like i was hanging out with the actual Lilo, and the key chain you brought me back from Hawaii and put it in my locker and when i went to go open it you snuck behind me to see my reaction and i gave you the biggest hug. 
It's people like that that only play such a small role in your life that you never think it'd make a difference if they leave, but it does. Work isn't the same without you, really =/

Thursday, December 3, 2009

In your heart of chambers

Is it summer today? I don't like summer that much.
Has the world invented a toothbrush for the mind yet? Mine would like to be brushed clean today. Where is my family every morning? How come i've been waking up in a completely empty house with no notes or messages left for me to read. All the food i bought for myself cause no one else buys food in this house anymore is gone, thanks for leaving me two slices of my own bread, which were wasted on the most un-delicious breakfast sandwich. There's no juice in either fridge.
Going in slightly early today, registration for my last three months in a private institute. What's next? who knows? I'd love to leave this state and go on somewhere else. Offerings for that matter:0 =/

Anyway,  it's 63 degrees out in central NJ today! going to ride my bike to the bus stop instead of driving, going to wear a sweater with no jacket! Going to wear shoes with no socks, AND taking a bottle of refrigerated water instead of a coffee full thermos.

Two days til Baltimore again, hurry hurry.

All i want to know is that i'm on the bright side, that i can turn that frown upside down, at least sometimes, most of the time, cause that's all i want to be, and what i want to be able to do.
Almost forgot Justine's gift AGAIN, woopz ;]

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Filled with the sun

There is no better place to wake up on the first day of December than the place where I woke up this morning. Fantastic Mr. Fox truly was nothing but quite fantastic.Seeing it with my favorites of humans only made it this much better. 

(Who would have thought AMC Loew's would have the most humongous awesome bathroom?)
3 weeks left of school, by now i can't stand the smell of coffee any longer, it's coming out quite alright, will make sure to post the final outcome.
After weeks upon weeks of wanting overloads of breakfast food in my tummy, Zach and I finally went to ihop, where we ordered way more than enough and ate til' we couldn't anymore.

 And yes, all those plates were for the two of us. And no, we didn't eat all 100% of it. But i'd say we did a good job of about 97.5%.
Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnddd we built a wonderful fort.