Thursday, December 3, 2009

In your heart of chambers

Is it summer today? I don't like summer that much.
Has the world invented a toothbrush for the mind yet? Mine would like to be brushed clean today. Where is my family every morning? How come i've been waking up in a completely empty house with no notes or messages left for me to read. All the food i bought for myself cause no one else buys food in this house anymore is gone, thanks for leaving me two slices of my own bread, which were wasted on the most un-delicious breakfast sandwich. There's no juice in either fridge.
Going in slightly early today, registration for my last three months in a private institute. What's next? who knows? I'd love to leave this state and go on somewhere else. Offerings for that matter:0 =/

Anyway,  it's 63 degrees out in central NJ today! going to ride my bike to the bus stop instead of driving, going to wear a sweater with no jacket! Going to wear shoes with no socks, AND taking a bottle of refrigerated water instead of a coffee full thermos.

Two days til Baltimore again, hurry hurry.

All i want to know is that i'm on the bright side, that i can turn that frown upside down, at least sometimes, most of the time, cause that's all i want to be, and what i want to be able to do.
Almost forgot Justine's gift AGAIN, woopz ;]

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