Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Filled with the sun

There is no better place to wake up on the first day of December than the place where I woke up this morning. Fantastic Mr. Fox truly was nothing but quite fantastic.Seeing it with my favorites of humans only made it this much better. 

(Who would have thought AMC Loew's would have the most humongous awesome bathroom?)
3 weeks left of school, by now i can't stand the smell of coffee any longer, it's coming out quite alright, will make sure to post the final outcome.
After weeks upon weeks of wanting overloads of breakfast food in my tummy, Zach and I finally went to ihop, where we ordered way more than enough and ate til' we couldn't anymore.

 And yes, all those plates were for the two of us. And no, we didn't eat all 100% of it. But i'd say we did a good job of about 97.5%.
Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnddd we built a wonderful fort.

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