Saturday, November 28, 2009


Black friday at work was the worst work day in history i believe,  so afterwards, still exhausted and unshowered, Becky drove over for some PB & chocolate cereal crunchin and The Life Aquatic.
I liked thanksgiving this year. We didn't go to my aunts this year cause she didn't invite us so my parents invited over some freaky friends whom i have never met before and it just wasn't anything family like. We aren't even American...
So this year i celebrated it with Silvana (two euros with freaky euro parents, figures huh?) , and i could say it was the One years win out of five so far.
We made some vegan gnocchi's with spinach and vegan pumpkin cheesecake that was DELICIOUS! 
then we snuggled up on her comfy couch to watch a movie with bunny cuteness =]
100% ready to get done with this work weekend and feel some weakness in my knees for a few days, packing clothes and all the chocolate i got for Zach and myself into my bag and melting into my new fantastic flannel sheets which were so hard to leave this morning.

Monday, November 23, 2009

"I can't seem to make you miiiine"

I have so much design work to do and my brothers computer is gone and i can't find my teachers e-mail. Bummer. Gives me more time to clean up the mess my closet has spit out onto my bedroom floor. Annnnnnnd enjoy free Netflix!!! Since i now officially have it!
This movie has been on my mind for quite some time now, it's great, so glad i get to watch it for free when ever i wish to now.

As shaky as i was about christmas time this year, i think i'm getting a little excited... only because i love the snow and wearing gloves and scarves and keeping warm and how good it feels to get in a bed with more than just one large blanket after a real winter day outside. 
However, i am NOT excited for christmas time at work AT ALL. And everyone is trying to make it out to be so cute and nice by playing christmas music and having holiday theme days, and even little in store decorations....sorry guys, it's going to suck!

My stocking FROM LAST YEAR was put back up while i was in Baltimore over the weekend, this was kind of cute to come back to

Just double checking up on the internet ALMOST forgot that "Until the light takes us" officially comes out in 11 days, so dear movie theaters, see you then!
Been non-stop listening, and there is a wolf in the very start of the video, not to mention i believe it is the only video they've ever had...purrfect 

Friday, November 20, 2009

Upstairs Downstairs

Our music system at work broke, don't really mind it. So last night Kelly told me she'd found some sort of old mix CD and that she's going to bring it in for us to listen to this morning. I haven't listened to Dramarama since last winter, i've missed it.
Amazing how this world works, wether it's all the awful disgusting things that i hate to believe exist, or the little wonderous ones. Today as i was walking out of Victoria's Secret i heard someone call my name and when i turned around my eyes almost fell out of my face. It was a girl who was(/is) best friends, and a neighbor (well ex neighbor obviously), of my best friend back in Israel days. How do things like that happen? she now lives here with her boyfriend who i went to school with...I'm still so shocked and excited about it at the same time I mean...really?...

I've been waiting for this pay check for SUCH a long time, i've had $1.75 in my account since Wednesday...woops!
Also waited for the UPS man all day, kept calling home from work to see if he came and now at 5:40PM he finally did. Phone's here =] 
It feels so much later than it is this time of year, going to catch up with the little miss and get my guitar tuned by Jake, finally. Tomorrow is just almost here and i must remember to not forget to purchase my bus tickets to Baltimore soon as i'm back home tonight.

Biggest crush on the littlest lady <3

Monday, November 16, 2009

Faces sweaty, arms and legs, what a glorious set of stairs we make

I wish i could dig a whole into my own brain sometimes, only to remove certain pieces. Like when i asked myself too many questions, or don't ask enough. That's just a small example. And i wish i could install an automatic sleep machine inside my body, so no matter what i do, awake or not, my body will be getting the right amount of rest without me even noticing. I can almost say i hate being home. And it isn't a "i'd rather be anywhere but here" sort of thing. My family is awesome. It's just that i'd rather stay where you are. Maybe i just haven't gotten a normal amount of sleep in some time. I'm so overdue. Mother nature, bring the snow on, now!
But till' then, i'll have to fake it with christmas time in my own bed. Alone.

Monday, November 9, 2009

I get eaten by the worms

Google has been doing this:
Which rules and is even more inviting than usual.

Finally found all Bored To Death episodes online and was so excited to catch up to what i have been missing out on but the website only let me get as far as episode 3.
But hey, this was cute :

I have a feeling that this week is going to be the most dragging week of all, that's how it always is when there is a wonderful weekend to look forward to. So, dear Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, please, please, please go by lighting fast. Thanks.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Perhaps it's a matter of feeling some sort of refreshment, or feeling really nostalgic... Either way i welcome you warmly, November.

ANDDDDDDDDDD I finally got to meet Regal...

He hops like a fox from one room to another, with such large hops for such short distances.

On another side note, burning my tongue for the third this week, was NOT cool, it hurts, one of the most unpleasant things. It just feels strange.
And this is something that's been on my mind for quite some time but what i thought was getting out of the cycle that's been circling itself for so long, happens to in fact be a bigger circle, surrounding that little circle, only adding on to that old cycle, and by now it seems impossible to get out of.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Feeling like a fly lost in this gigantic universe, or maybe it's not as gigantic as it seems... could it be, that what seems like such a larger and far space, actually stops at some place and some point? Is it possible to touch it if you reach far enough? Then what if i am stuck in that black web, or on that black wall? Well that's the question

12:28AM and I am already a zombie
I didn't realize that midterms week is this week...THIS week right now, already... I'm doing great with Advanced Type and I love it but, I haven't even started my internship journal at all. So now I sit here tired and hungry and just wanting to be focusing my eyes and brains on some sort of either inspiring or brain storming filmography, with a large mug of peach tea, under a thick blanket, but instead i have writing upon writing to catch up on and my eyes....they are just slowly drifting backwards with each second i pause to think.

I won't go whistling by your grave, if you don't go whistling in my mind
Welcome to a place where nightmares, are the best part of my day

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Paper Ships, Paper Brainz

"I sailed on a ship of paper
And i sunk in the deep of your eyes
I got lost in your graveyard
Now i dream on a bed of knives

I found the maps to your maps
I lost the shores for you
And i'll never get back
Cause i'm a ghost ship on the blue

The birds are in the sky
Land's been gone for days
All you left was time
To find a solid grave

The earth is flat and dangerous
I grew out of my iron coat
With a banshee in a tunnel"

Whatever todays date trade! Sleeping on the wrong side of the bed tonight for the first time in a very long while, just to clear that part of my brain that got left behind, i'm sorry i couldn't reach you earlier, buddy.

On the bright side of the Universe, there was finally OJ in my fridge in the garage, you're safe in bed with me for the night now, little one.