Monday, November 16, 2009

Faces sweaty, arms and legs, what a glorious set of stairs we make

I wish i could dig a whole into my own brain sometimes, only to remove certain pieces. Like when i asked myself too many questions, or don't ask enough. That's just a small example. And i wish i could install an automatic sleep machine inside my body, so no matter what i do, awake or not, my body will be getting the right amount of rest without me even noticing. I can almost say i hate being home. And it isn't a "i'd rather be anywhere but here" sort of thing. My family is awesome. It's just that i'd rather stay where you are. Maybe i just haven't gotten a normal amount of sleep in some time. I'm so overdue. Mother nature, bring the snow on, now!
But till' then, i'll have to fake it with christmas time in my own bed. Alone.

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