Monday, November 23, 2009

"I can't seem to make you miiiine"

I have so much design work to do and my brothers computer is gone and i can't find my teachers e-mail. Bummer. Gives me more time to clean up the mess my closet has spit out onto my bedroom floor. Annnnnnnd enjoy free Netflix!!! Since i now officially have it!
This movie has been on my mind for quite some time now, it's great, so glad i get to watch it for free when ever i wish to now.

As shaky as i was about christmas time this year, i think i'm getting a little excited... only because i love the snow and wearing gloves and scarves and keeping warm and how good it feels to get in a bed with more than just one large blanket after a real winter day outside. 
However, i am NOT excited for christmas time at work AT ALL. And everyone is trying to make it out to be so cute and nice by playing christmas music and having holiday theme days, and even little in store decorations....sorry guys, it's going to suck!

My stocking FROM LAST YEAR was put back up while i was in Baltimore over the weekend, this was kind of cute to come back to

Just double checking up on the internet ALMOST forgot that "Until the light takes us" officially comes out in 11 days, so dear movie theaters, see you then!
Been non-stop listening, and there is a wolf in the very start of the video, not to mention i believe it is the only video they've ever had...purrfect 

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