Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Feeling like a fly lost in this gigantic universe, or maybe it's not as gigantic as it seems... could it be, that what seems like such a larger and far space, actually stops at some place and some point? Is it possible to touch it if you reach far enough? Then what if i am stuck in that black web, or on that black wall? Well that's the question

12:28AM and I am already a zombie
I didn't realize that midterms week is this week...THIS week right now, already... I'm doing great with Advanced Type and I love it but, I haven't even started my internship journal at all. So now I sit here tired and hungry and just wanting to be focusing my eyes and brains on some sort of either inspiring or brain storming filmography, with a large mug of peach tea, under a thick blanket, but instead i have writing upon writing to catch up on and my eyes....they are just slowly drifting backwards with each second i pause to think.

I won't go whistling by your grave, if you don't go whistling in my mind
Welcome to a place where nightmares, are the best part of my day

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