Sunday, November 1, 2009

Paper Ships, Paper Brainz

"I sailed on a ship of paper
And i sunk in the deep of your eyes
I got lost in your graveyard
Now i dream on a bed of knives

I found the maps to your maps
I lost the shores for you
And i'll never get back
Cause i'm a ghost ship on the blue

The birds are in the sky
Land's been gone for days
All you left was time
To find a solid grave

The earth is flat and dangerous
I grew out of my iron coat
With a banshee in a tunnel"

Whatever todays date trade! Sleeping on the wrong side of the bed tonight for the first time in a very long while, just to clear that part of my brain that got left behind, i'm sorry i couldn't reach you earlier, buddy.

On the bright side of the Universe, there was finally OJ in my fridge in the garage, you're safe in bed with me for the night now, little one.

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