Friday, November 20, 2009

Upstairs Downstairs

Our music system at work broke, don't really mind it. So last night Kelly told me she'd found some sort of old mix CD and that she's going to bring it in for us to listen to this morning. I haven't listened to Dramarama since last winter, i've missed it.
Amazing how this world works, wether it's all the awful disgusting things that i hate to believe exist, or the little wonderous ones. Today as i was walking out of Victoria's Secret i heard someone call my name and when i turned around my eyes almost fell out of my face. It was a girl who was(/is) best friends, and a neighbor (well ex neighbor obviously), of my best friend back in Israel days. How do things like that happen? she now lives here with her boyfriend who i went to school with...I'm still so shocked and excited about it at the same time I mean...really?...

I've been waiting for this pay check for SUCH a long time, i've had $1.75 in my account since Wednesday...woops!
Also waited for the UPS man all day, kept calling home from work to see if he came and now at 5:40PM he finally did. Phone's here =] 
It feels so much later than it is this time of year, going to catch up with the little miss and get my guitar tuned by Jake, finally. Tomorrow is just almost here and i must remember to not forget to purchase my bus tickets to Baltimore soon as i'm back home tonight.

Biggest crush on the littlest lady <3

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