Thursday, March 11, 2010

I don't blame you

I often wonder what the other world is like, does it exist? of course it does.
Whether it's a place where the ghost of one travels through brain cells to find serenity, and at last, rest in peace, or an earth like top cloud, but less real, or as some might believe, more real, not earthly at all, all the good on earth doesn't seem to last, and the only things one is left with are feelings, and some things last a long time.
But what's for one to do when the cake is eaten? It could never be replaced again.
It cannot be brought back in time to rethink harder upon decisions to be made, it cannot be re-created from scratch, it cannot be fixed.
And it's only normal to think of the quickest way to try to go back - throw it up, but it won't be the same, ever. And it's no one's fault but mine. And after having learnt it the hard way, follows realization, THAT CAKE COULD NOT BE REPLACED, PERIOD.
But when all that's important, all that truly holds all of those feelings mentioned, that one body, tall and perfect by each and every inch, that carries entirely an extra heart, is gone....then what is life?
Time will never come back, it's only being wasted, moving faster and faster, and i'm moving with it, growing and changing constantly. And what is really, left to do, but curse myself and repeat myself that I am sorry, cause believe I am.

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